Strategies TA Staff

The Strategies Technical Assistance program provides technical assistance and consulting to California counties and prevention agencies to assist with the development of unified county-wide prevention-focused networks, with the goal of collaborating to develop county-wide prevention plans to meet the needs of children and families, build protective factors, and mitigate the major risk factors of child abuse and neglect.

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Michael Williams

Policy Director for the Child Abuse Prevention Center

Troy Nichols

Training and Consulting Specialist

Lola Cornish

Director for Strategies TA

Barbara DeGraaf

Technical Assistance Specialist

Brynne Paschal

Data Support Specialist

Stephanie Biegler

Chief Program Officer

Sara LaCroix

Director for Strategies TA & Los Angeles County Child Abuse Prevention Councils

Lydia Marquez

Senior Technical Assistance Specialist

Lucy Hernandez

Technical Assistance Specialist

Anvi Dinh

Events Coordinator/Project Assistant

Jose Ramos Jr.

Senior Director, Primary Prevention, Children’s Bureau of Southern California

Sheila Boxley

President & CEO, The Child Abuse Prevention Center