County Prevention Planning

To prevent child abuse and neglect, organizations and communities that support families need support themselves to envision innovation and build networks, policies, and practices that are trauma-informed, strengths-based, and equity-focused.

Strategies Technical Assistance works in collaboration with California counties and The California Office of Child Abuse Prevention to provide technical assistance to develop data-driven plans for each county to prevent child abuse and support child well-being.  We are also building Learning Exchange Teams with the counties to learn from one another and create a shared learning experience at all levels.

Strategies Technical Assistance uses three evidence-informed frameworks to implement and manage the TA Program:

·         The 21st Center Child Welfare System frames the overall goals of the program to prevent child abuse and neglect

·         The Collective Impact Model frames the leadership and management approach to the program

·         The Family Strengthening Approach guides our work with the county teams.

These frameworks guide and inform selection of our strategies. The lens of equity and inclusion is central to all our TA work.