“In the same way a family needs a strong community in which to thrive, so do FRCs need a healthy environment that ensures consistent practice, training, evaluation, funding, and policy development.”

Vehicles for Change, Volume II: The Evolving Field (Preface: Judi Sherman & Associates. 2017)

Family Resource Centers
Vehicles for Change, Volume I:
The California Family Resource Center Learning Circle

In 2000, “Family Resource Centers, Vehicles for Change” was presented to the field as the seminal document describing family resource centers (FRCs) and how they are a unique platform for service delivery and community engagement. Today, it is treasured as a guide to defining the key characteristics and activities of quality FRCs and how they function as a vehicle for change for families and communities.

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Family Resource Centers
Vehicles for Change, Volume II
The Evolving Field

The new monograph, “Vehicles for Change, Volume II, The Evolving Field”, emerged in response to widespread interest to tell the continuing story of FRCs and the field of family strengthening. It describes the factors that have contributed to the growth and development of FRCs and how they have responded to the growing body of research and best practice, while remaining anchored in a deep and rich history invested in the well-being of children, families, and communities.

The monograph refreshes the definition of the field based on the unique methods of FRC service delivery and community change efforts driven by relationships, reciprocity, and community development. This perspective serves to unite FRCs across the state as a “field of practice” and illustrates the environment necessary for FRCs to thrive.

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