Our Vision


Strategies Technical Assistance supports and inspires cross-sector networks throughout California to advance community-driven action to strengthen children and families, centered in equity and inclusion.

We work with child welfare systems and Child Abuse Prevention Councils to build county and state-wide coordinated, comprehensive, and integrated networks of care through individualized technical assistance focused on building statewide long-term solutions that are research-driven, trauma-informed, and community-focused. Strategies Technical Assistance is focused on building long-term statewide solutions that enable counties to work together toward creating a seamless, sustainable, and impactful statewide child abuse prevention network.

Our work with California counties is based on these values:


We will inspire and support counties and networks to measure their progress and success in terms of real, tangible reductions in child abuse and neglect. As a Strategies TA team, we will create a culture of accountability by owning our responsibilities, following through on our commitments, and adapting based on feedback and experiences.



We will inspire and support counties and networks to reflect candidly—and act—on what their local data and communities say about inequities in their service systems and how their own roles, policies, and practices contribute to structural injustices. As a Strategies TA team, we will support each other to recognize our own contributions to inequities—individually and organizationally—and to engage in courageous conversations and actions to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity.



We will inspire and support counties and networks to build a collaborative infrastructure toward broad-based, collective impact and to connect with peers to develop a transformative statewide prevention movement. As Strategies TA, we will build a cohesive team, advancing each other’s learning and success; we will grow from a trauma-informed organization to a healing one.


Community Voice 

We will inspire and support counties and networks to engage and respond to the full diversity of community voice and to cultivate constituent leaders and champions for child abuse prevention. As a Strategies TA team, we will support and challenge each other to be champions for community change.



We will inspire and support counties and networks to seek and apply strategies and tools that identify and maximize the strengths of communitiesfamilies, and individualsAs a Strategies TA team, we will identify our individual and team strengths and build on them as a foundation for our practices, processes, and procedures