A Prevention Plan is a response to challenges and needs in the local community.  Reaching out and welcoming members of the community to partner with the team is critical to developing a plan that responds to community needs.  Community engagement efforts vary by location, size and needs of the community, as well as the different community voices that need to be heard.

Community Engagement Resources

Click the links below for resources to help develop your community engagement plan.

The Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership

Thriving, diverse communities are possible through deep participation, particularly by communities commonly excluded from democratic voice & power. This toolkit presents developmental stages for building capacity for community collaboration and governance.

Nonprofits Integrating Community Engagement (NICE) Guide

Information, tools, case studies, and other resources to help nonprofit groups develop core competencies on constituent and community engagement. The tools provided include research links so organizations can build knowledge in each of the topic areas.

Community Engagement Toolkit

This toolkit from the Collective Impact Forum and Leading Inside Out is a guide to employing data-driven strategies to support and enhance community engagement efforts. Community engagement is about ensuring that those most impacted by social challenges have a say in designing and implementing solutions. The participation of intended beneficiaries and their families, neighbors, and trusted leaders can be an integral part of data-driven processes to achieve better results.

Collective Impact 3.0: An Evolving Framework for Community Change

As part of the evolution of the Collective Impact Framework, the Tamarack Institute offers five ways to broaden and adapt the framework. By Mark Cabaj and LizWeaver.

Tools to Engage: Resources for Nonprofits

This is an interactive, multi-level search portal that connects people and organizations who are looking to align their work with the best tools, research, and resources from across the social sector, with a focus on constituent engagement, partnering with community, collective impact, and social and systems change.

Prioritizing Community Engagement for Community Resilience

Lilia Perez, Resident Engagement Lead at the Magnolia Community Initiative (MCI), discusses ways that MCI engages the community in leadership development in their Resident Leadership Academy. This is a Strategies webinar.