As Strategies 2.0 Directors, we are honored to support the amazing work that is performed on behalf of California’s children, families, and communities. We train, support, and build relationships regionally and statewide so that our professional network can more effectively help all families grow stronger and healthier, leading to vibrant communities and a brighter future for everyone.

In the second year of Strategies 2.0, we exceeded our expectations by helping professionals and organizations grow their strengths so they can do the same for families. Strategies 2.0 trained 5,366 professionals, provided networking opportunities to 1,499 Learning Community attendees, and strengthened 115 organizations through consulting efforts. We grew our offerings by adding ten new training curricula, online e-learning, and the Family Strengthening Certificate Program. We brought regional and national experts to our Learning Communities and distributed four Knowledge to Action Briefs. All of this was made possible by the funding partnership of the Office of Child Abuse Prevention at the California Department of Social Services, and the generous participation of family-strengthening organizations and leaders throughout the state.

Through this work, Strategies 2.0 cultivated the opportunity for new endeavors in the coming years:

• Champions Coalition—a gathering of statewide leaders with a shared goal of preventing child abuse, advancing our shared work in building the family strengthening field, and extending the reach of Strategies 2.0 services.
• Immersion sites—providing two communities with the full array of Strategies 2.0 services while gathering detailed metrics to measure the positive impact we have in those communities.
• Vehicles for Change—reinforcing the value and importance of family resource centers and their partners by integrating the Vehicles for Change framework into Strategies 2.0 services.

As we take our successes and our learnings into this next year, we look forward to connecting even more deeply with the professionals, organizations, and collaborations that make up the family-strengthening field. By working together, we can become greater than the sum of our parts. We can build and leverage the power, knowledge, and resources needed to create bigger social changes.


Leda Albright, Angelica Oberleither, and Michael Williams

Strategies 2.0 Directors


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